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Membership Obligation

  1. I understand that to fulfill membership requirements I need to pay a non-refundable joining fee of R200.
  2. I understand that I will be paying R20 per month as a subscription or administration fee.
  3. I understand that the minimum monthly contribution, inclusive of admin and other fees will be R320. The funds in the saving amount which will only be withdrawable after one year upon giving 2 months notice and on exit. The total amount of savings will determine the loan size.
  4. I understand that I need to buy a minimum of 10 shares (total amount of R 2 000) to be a full member.
  5. I understand that, my savings can be used as security to access loans from Ahoyi Africa.
  6. I understand that, the money invested in Ahoyi Africa shares is long term, and I am entitled to the growth, interest, dividends, or any surpluses that may be declared from time to time.

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